1- EXCLUSIVE TO PADLOCK EXPERTS INC. - OUR WRITTEN UNIQUE KEY WARRANTY. Each lock is handled and inspected individually by a severe filtration process. For us, ensuring the safety of people is not a game, but a priority! This is why at Padlock Experts, there are no duplicates. It is GUARANTEED!
2- OUR LOCKS ARE GUARANTEED up to 10 years against mechanical defects.
3- BETTER LEADTIME DELIVERY - Handling, engraving, etc are made in our workshop. This results in much better leadtime to complete orders (only a few days against 4 to 6 weeks through manufacturers).
4- INCREASED SAFETY - thru restricted locks with non-reproducable keys that will prevent employees from making duplicates outside the company without your consent. Available as an option.
5- ENGRAVINGS AT NO EXTRA COST - We are equipped with a digital computer controlled pin marker that allows us carve logo and alphanumeric text on all four sides of the padlock. Why pin mark rather than use laser engraving? Our marker literally carves in the aluminium body 1/64" deep so it will not fade with time unlike the laser that barely attacks the colored anodization of the aluminium body and is vulnerable to any acid contact (muriatic acid, tomato juice, vinegar, etc.).
6- OUR REPUTATION - We have excellent references from satisfied customers of our services, whether local or more distant regions.